Newbie track rider.

I live about 15 mins away from brands hatch, but ive heard its not the easiest of tracks to ride as a novice. never road on track and wanna take my R1 to the tarmac, what is a good track to try?


Seeing as it local you may as well do Brands - select the indie layout.

As long as you approach it in a sensible manner you’ll be fine.

Arrive in plenty of time, and take things on track one step at a time. Take advantage of some free instruction -if you go with F.E. and Harry Monk is there try him, he’s really good with first timers.

Don’t get sucked too in too deep on the brakes into Paddock Hill or Druids, remember the left side of the tyre runs cooler out of Graham Hill bend - and show some patience / throttle control through clearways - 'cos that’s the one that bites with little warning.

Have fun, report back with awesome knee down photos.

When the first person pops up and suggests Mallory Park - stab them in the eye with a shitty stick, go 'round and rape their Mum and then **** on their cat on the way out.

Geez, so what would you do if someone mentioned Cadwell? :hehe:

Never understood this, ‘don’t do certain tracks on your first track day’ thing :unsure:

I took my mate to Cadwell as his first time and he loved it.

He took my advice and road the first few sessions like he was fast road riding (obviously no shoulder checks :smiley: ) and left himself good margin for error, and he was fine.

I’m not suggesting Mallory isn’t suitable for a novice - I’m saying the place is ****!

A once fairly nice track spoiled by the national obsession for wanky chicanes.

If the Americans wanted to fake another moon landing they could do worse than hire the track for a few hours - I think it was last resurfaced after the 1822 Mallory pony race of the year.

In fairness it’s still better than working, and Gerrards is fookin brill - even with the trench that runs around it now.

Yeah love Gerrards :smiley:

Hope they sort the place out at some point.

actually, I can’t wait to take my 'berg to Mallory. Should be a laugh!

I did my first trackday at Mallory on my monnie s4rs. I was all over a buddy on her 600 from the bus stop onwards but I didn’t want to freak her out so I left the overtake until the little straight after Edwinas - she had an awesome exit from there and I had to open the taps all the way to get past safely - ended up approaching the hairpin flat in fifth - fk me that bank comes up really fast - had to stand the thing on the front wheel to get the speed down enough to get round.

Enough of this; to answer, do Brands Indy. It’s fun, you only have to go as fast as you want and treat Clearways with respect - you don’t need to pussy it around there but don’t go full throttle though it unless you’re on something with less power than not much. Now they’ve resurfaced it, it’s less bumpy, but a lot of people say that it’s slippery. I haven’t noticed but I haven’t been around it with a powerful bike recently.

Take your time, don’t rush anything and go with mates or at least people from here. Don’t ride if you’re feeling tired.

if you do decide to do brands indy, there’s a TD happening there on the 7th June. £99 with no limits. it will be my first time at brands as well:)

Done my 1st trackday on Brands Indy and it was brilliant, I would have thought that its 1 of the better tracks to do for a novice.

Tell the MSV guys you’re a LB member and your first ride in the recover wagon is FREE! :slight_smile:

Iain, Bike Magazine are running a road bike only day on the Brands Indy Circuit on 16 June that I’m thinking of booking. It’s a bit more expensive as it’s through ClubMSV, but check it out and let me know if you fancy it.

As DP said. Just go to learn. Be slow and smooth. Make nice big radii outa the corners and take your time. As soon as you start pushing things. Things can go wrong so ride your own ride and enjoy…:cool:


my first trackday was at brand’s…on the indy curcuit, its not massive curcuit either, very easy to learn, i really enjoyed it!

i was pretty confident goign on track the first time, done my second there aswell, take your time, go easy ALWAYS warm your tyres for a minimum of 3 laps and you be fine, and remember its very very easy to get carried away on track, thats when people bin it!:wink: