newbie to site


i am a newbie to this site

i am on the cbr fourm

i know a few of you are on that site aswell

so thought i would say hello

i am in the north north of london


and i have seen some of you down the ace

i ride a 89 cbr f-k black and red and very tidy

so hello to all and i might see you soon

Hello and welcome…

Abbey time to get the newbie stick out again…

Hey fella, welcome to LB! Saw your bike pics, and you’re right, it’s remarkably clean! Hope to see you at the Cubana meet…

welcome to the site

Hi and a warm welcome to LB.

Hi and Welcome. AbbeyJ is usually here to give you a good newbie poke but I am sure she will be along shortly. In the meantime, mine is a pint.

Hi there,

And welcome - I am on the cbr site as well…

so u get a triple poke poke poke poke with our newbie stick…



ps can i get a carrot juice pleez…

AbbeyJ, you must be psychick!!!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its psy-chick


hi all

abbyj knew you was from the other site

remember speaking to john about it

hope to see some of you lot on monday at the ace

bye for know

jod89cbr… Welcome to LB…

welcome to lb, its a great place-enjoy!

Hey Jodi,

How you doing Bud?

How comes AbbeyJ got away with being poked on the CBR Forum?

She didn’t even get a round in, did she?


Dont tell anyone…

sorry iggy

didnt know you were here

next time you are down the ace

we will get abbyj down

to buy us a pint

Aye… buy me a big Coke and she can poke away with that big stick of hers.


i might just do that

Welcome to LB… poke poke