Newbie to London

Hey all,

Been lurking on here a while but just thought I’d put in my first post.

I just arrived in London about 2 weeks ago from Sydney and I’ll be staying here for a while.

I had to sell my beloved ZXR250 back home but I hope to get back into riding again. I’ve been thinking about getting a cheap CB500 and add on a top box, panniers, and screen so me and the missus can do a bit of touring around the UK. Either that or an old BMW tourer. I know where to find the bikes, however, I’ve got no idea which places are good to check out motorbike gear and luggage over here. Back in Sydney there we’ve got MCAS which is basically a one stop warehouse with probably the cheapest prices around. Anything like that here in London?

Anyway, “Hi” again and hope to see you all around once I purchase my ride and gear.


Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi there and welcome…:smiley:

welcome to lb take a look at george white

Hi and welcome. :smiley:

Welcome to lb

Welcome to LB!! :smiley:

hello and welcome to LB if you want a chaep bike which 2 can tour on europe on take a look at the old BMW F650 GS single. Great commuter and took and and the missis all over europe !!

welcome :smiley:

you will get cheap gear most places, markets, ebay ect,

Welcome to Londonbikers :slight_smile:

Hi & welcome to LB:)

Welcome to LB