Newbie to LB

Currently on a KTM950SM (black) with Akro’s.
Don’t have many biker mates, so, good to know there’s so many like minded people out there.

Anyone going on the May day ride down to Hastings?


Not going to Hastings though

Hello and welcome !

there are a couple of posts , one in the general section and another in the ride outs !


Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome :slight_smile:
Will be working on the Honda stand on the May day run :slight_smile:

welcome to LB bud :slight_smile:

Thanks to all for the welcome, hopefully the rain holds back and I see some of you down in Hastings.

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:
i’m going to hastings, will have my lb hoodie on, come say hi if you see me :slight_smile:

Saw loads of people, but looks like I missed all of you.

Freezing cold on the way down and not dressed appropriately. . . . . . . and by that I don’t mean I was wearing a G-string & trainers!

I’ll keep and eye out for some of the rideouts, hopefully meet up with some of you then.

If anyone see’s a nutter, popping a wheelie down the A3/A24 from Elephant & castle, going south, stop me and say hi!

Welcome to LB.

Hi and welcome. :smiley:

Welcome :smiley: