Newbie says Hi!


I guess this is where I introduce myself…

My name is Claire, I live in Harrow but am originally from Newcastle. I’ve been living in London for 6 years.

I’ve recently decided to learn to ride because I don’t drive a car and although the public transport in London is a lot better than some places in Britain, it’s still pretty restrictive not having your own transport. And anyway, it looks like lots of fun.

I’m doing my CBT in a couple of weeks time so I’m seriously green but enthusiastic and apprehensive at the same time. Does anyone have any tips on the CBT?

I’ll confess, it’s the gears which are scaring me a bit. I have been advised by the company I’m doing my CBT with to do it on a scooter. But I’m wondering if that’s the right choice. Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

Regardless, I’ll be buying a bike/scooter once I’ve passed my CBT. So any advice on whats a good first buy also gratefully accepted.

Wow, this is a longer message than I anticipated!



HI and welcome to LB, Good luck with your CBT, you are in the right place for advice just give the guys time to get to there computers

Hi Claire, welcome to LB.

If it was me I would do my CBT on a geared bike this way you can ride a scooter or a 125 geared bike. It’s not that hard to learn.

Hi and welcome

I agree with Sony and I would do it on a geared bike. My first test was restricted and it wasn’t long before I went back and did the unrestricted test. So definitely geared in my opinion :slight_smile:

Hi Claire, welcome to LB! Come along to our weekly meet at Borough Market tomorrow if you can! Good luck with everything :slight_smile:

Hey there, i actually only passed my test about 5 weeks ago. When i did my CBT it was the first time i had ever sat on a geared bike and had only ridden a scooter once before in Italy on holiday. Shat me pants a little bit and then realised that it aint that hard. Definitely go for the geared option as it will give you choices later on when you inevitably decide that you want something a bit bigger!!Believe it or not, I did the CBT and then within a month i was riding a CBR600 - mmmmmmmmmm. Do it do it do it :D:D:D

Hello Claire and welcome :slight_smile: I would also advise you to do the CBT on a geared bike, as others have said it will benefit you when you want to progress to something else.

With regards to doing your CBT, remember that it is compulsory basic training, it isn’t all that hard, just remember to have fun :slight_smile:

yay, another girlie on the forum!

You can’t really go wrong with a CG125 or CBR125 as your first bike. I had a Marauder which is a little cruiser type bike and does 0-60 in 4 hours! But hey, it gave me lots of experience and confidence.

Good luck with your CBT.

hi and welcome

Hi there,

Don’t worry about the CBT, it was seriously easy.

Just don’t go trying to pop wheelies when you’re training (as a few of us have inadvertently)

A geared bike gives you far more selection down the line, and in general are more fun.

Best of luck. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the replies guys. Sorry I went quiet, been scuba diving in Cornwall.

I guess the CBT sounds scarier than it maybe is - but I’ve just passed my PADI Open Water certification and I didn’t think I was going to get the hang of that either! I’ve arranged to do my CBT on a geared bike now so fingers crossed!

I shall definitely try and make it along to the Borough Market meet but probably not this week because I think work is going to be a bit of a mare. :crazy:

Claire xx

hi clarie welcome to LB and good luck on the CBT hopefully see you down BM soon

Main thing in the CBT is LIFESAVER, LIFESAVER, LIFESAVER, (at least it was when I did it!!) but general observation and road positioning is key too, they’ll teach you where to put the bike on the road to turn left, and right. Where you should be to be seen properly. You may also do emergency stops. They’ll encourage you to move at the speed of the traffic, not to speed but definitely not to hold traffic movement up. The whole idea is to ensure that you are confident and capable enough to be allowed on the roads without an instructor, and are not going to become roadkill the moment you leave the training facility.

Do it on a geared bike, as if you don’t I don’t think you’ll be able to sit your test/ride a geared bike later on - unsure on that, i may have just made it up…! Learning the gears is dead simple, wont take you more than an hour. Often the training company will have a car park type area which you circle around in until you get the hang of the gears. They may even have some private roads where you can practice turning, stopping, hill starts etc…

Seriously. Riding is loads of fun and the CBT is but a minor hurdle on the road to accessing that fun. It’s not designed to trip you up, or make you fail. It’s simply there to make you safer (and everyone else on the road safe from you!).

Oh, and hello and welcome :smiley:

first bike get gsxr 1000 o r1:D:D:D
but seriously my first was a scooter
yamaha 50cc but i was 15 at the time…

it s really what suits you and what feels good

some brave ones start with 600cc others like 125s come on one of the meets
there usually lots of bikes to look at maybe some of us let u sit on them
u can defenetly see if kawi z1000 suits u !!!

Hi Claire-welcome to LB. It’s really best to take the cbt on a geared bike, although you may find it a bit tricky to remeber everything if you’ve never been on a bike before. You can take your cbt on a twist an go-you get the same certificate, but then you’ll need to learn to ride a geared bike anyway so I’m not sure it’s worth it. Good luck whatever you choose to do!! :slight_smile:

Hiya, Welcome to LB

Welcome, I did my CBT on a geared bike, as somebody said above, it’s very easy and fun :stuck_out_tongue: You only need to be sensible and demonstrate a very basic level of control.


Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Go for gears, you’ll never look back- except for lifesavers :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, so now I officially suck. Couldn’t get anywhere on the geared bike - no probs says my instructor, lets try you on a scooter…now I can ride in a straight line(ish) although I can’t lift my feet off the ground and can’t quite get the whole turning a corner business. Hmm…

Luckily I can go back as many times as I need to…they may be sorry…:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking maybe I should buy a crappy 50cc and just kill it in car parks at weekends trying to get the hang of this. Didn’t think it would be this hard…