Newbie saying Hi!

Hi Guys!

New guy just saying hello!


Hey, you ok?

Just thought I would sign up seeing as everyone else has!

Fair enough, what’re you riding?

Guess I should stick that on the bottom of the posts as well!

1998 Africa Twin

1988 VT250 Spada…


Just a baby in progress (started on the tank today and detailing during the week)

Hey and welcome to the forum!

Nice looking bike Ink :slight_smile:

Hey Chris, cheers. Started work on the tank today; just blue accenting, installing some eye catching bits as well as a new rear sprocket and air filter in the next couple of weeks. :smiley: I have pictures from before, during and after on my facebook from when I had an off in the winter.

How’s it going? :slight_smile: x

Hi & welcome to the madhouse :smiley:

Madhouse? Oh… I’ll fit right in :smiley:

Welcome :smiley:

Got any pics Ne-nor?

Hi and welcome!

Hi and welcome!


Welcome and Hi.


Hi and welcome

Welcome to LB dude