newbie saying hi

Hi guys and gals.

Just saying hi and hoping to meet some fellow bikers to ride with. Currently riding a time neglected YZF R1 2008 model that goes like a shower of ****. Only has 600miles on it and I am dying to get it out again this summer.

Let me know if anyone is like me and in need of riding partners.

Oh I am not sure how to offer anyone a virtual drink so perhaps someone can help me out here.





Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

Don’t reckon my lil ol’ 125 would keep up with that :smiley: Nice ride

Cheers bro.

I haven’t ridden much lately so I am sure my Gran mother could keep up on her lawn mower. hehe :smiley:

Do you know when the next meet is?

Is it at the start of April?

I just realised how sh!t the bike looks with a full tail on it.

This is an old pic. The bike now has a tail tidy kit on the back…do’h

Hehe… she got a Honda lawnmower? :DThere’s a regular meet at Borough Market on Wednesday nights, plenty at the Ace, I’m heading out on a Learner Legal rideout on Sunday 22nd March - best place to look is the Ride Outs, Meets & Events section of the Experiences topic - plenty of people on here are up for meeting up :DI’m a Tonbridge boy now, so do most of my pleasure riding around country lanes :smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi and welcome :smiley:


hello and welcome to lb. :wink:

wednesday is borough market meet night. normally a few of us up the ace on a friday nite . normally a ride out aswell.

Hello - where are you from?

hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Am from Oz, but live in Docklands area.

Seems to be more speed cameras than roads here.


I am over in Bromley - but work and commute to Docklands.

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hello and welcome. Nice ride you got there.

Too true about the cameras, esp around Dockland areas…anyway, if u want to find a place to chill out after a little ride, head along the A127 to the A127 Diner…plenty of bikers there, open all week, so not restricted to one day/night a week visit…im sure u will meet up with a lot of bikers who go out on rides from there that you could hook up with…or if you are adventurous enough, look out for the BCR in the “rideout” section, they meet up at the Collier Row roundabout near rollerball, and go off for a hoon around the country lanes…other than that, there is always the ACE…:slight_smile: