newbie saying Hi

Well Tony is my name some of you may have seen my bike

met some of yous on the france trip, if you see me always come and say hi

Card is at bar what will you have

Too many bikes and not enough time May see you on the next one though

Welcome to LB

Hi Tony and welcome to LB! Good to meet you on the train on the way to France yesterday…that’s one bike you can’t miss

See you around soon

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome Tony, See u around soon

Hiya Spidey! Welcome!

hey and welcome, love the avatar


Glad you got some air in those tyres mate!!!

welcome Spider - good to meet you yesterday and that’s a mad looking bike you have

he and welcome, are you a member on the

Thanks people,met some of you on the train and thought …what a nice bunch

see u soon

welcome to LB



Welcome to the mad house…
A nice st Emilion would be find for me …

Welcome to the other side… and I’m still gonna covet your bike, especially now I’ve seen it in the metal

Here is 1 for your album then…

Stunning paint job on the bike Spider. I have seen it about mate, looks great.

Just out of curiousity, did you buy the bike like that or was it a job that you got done ?

If it was a job you got done could you let me know the rough price for a full paint job on the Bike ?


nice paint!!

look to close to the edge in the pic thought

hi lovely bike and welcome