Newbie saying Hi! (Few questions too..)

Just wanted to pop in and say hi! Been biking in Dublin on my Irish provisional license for 3 years now, and am packing up and moving to London from September. Had a gorgeous 93 Superfour, but sold it to avoid the hassle of MOTing, reregistering etc . Will be on the look out to buy something upto about 4k, depending on insurance cost and whatnot. Just a few questions,

-Where would you recommend to do the DAS? Preferably one day, if they exist? I’ve all the gear, so would just need the bike rental i suppose. (Also, should I do the CBT myself or within a course?)
-What are the chances of getting a bike robbed on a main road (Catford/Bellingham) if it’s alarmed, and Almax chained? Don’t really know the area, but somebody told me to not even bother buying a bike if I’m living near Catford… I might be able to blag keeping the bike in a back yard, but its off a non-CCTV alley and would probably be dodgier than on view

  • Is Irish NCB transferable?
  • Can you park on the pavement and chain up onto a lampost in the centre?

Thanks! :smiley:

Hi mate,I know the catford,bellingham,lewisham,beckenhan area v.well and like anywhere else,don’t be worried

There are thieves round here but they’re more interested in cars/bikes left unattended,but us,the local people NOT THE LAW have decided 2 rule this area now.

I understand if ur worried about coming 2 a new area,but honestly since we been doing neighbourhood watch shifts,the trouble has slowed down

The scummy thieves think twice b4 coming in our gardens now,after in the last month only,3 burglars have got a propper kick’in

and we’ve let the old bill arrest only 1 of them!

We let the other 2 go 2 tell their friends not 2 **** with us!!!

Anyway talk 2 motorcycle riding trainers in catford


They’ll tell u everything u need 2 know

Good luck mate!

…is this a wind up?

Also, are the quotes on accurate? I’m getting 1500ish for a CBR600 TPFT, and thats before my NCB. The next nearest quote was about 5k…

1500?? That’s rip off. I paid 350,-GBP for TPF&T (including breakdown cover and trips abroad) for my first big bike (Speed Triple) after DAS test that I’ve done this summer. And I only have 1 year history on 125cc and about 2 years riding car in the UK plus I still have 3 points for speeding on my counterpart licence :slight_smile:

It must be the age (32) or something that keeps my insurance quotes low :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you’ll get your bike sorted soon …

Take care!