Newbie saying hello :)

Been in London a couple of years now, originally from Glasgow. Recently moved to Streatham and discovered that I have a serious allergy to public transport, so dusted off my Bandit and brought it down from Glasgow… 2 years off a bike and suddenly introduced to London commuting… erm. Fun, I think?

Anyway, just been perusing the site and figured I’d say hello So, well, HELLO!


Hey Keith, welcome to LB!

Hi Keith.

Toby-wan-Kenobi off this forum lives around your way…Can usually find him with a camera (behind a bush)

Joking, he’s a good bloke.

Welcome to the forum.

Hi and welcome aboard.

welcome to the forum

Howdy Fella…

welcome to LB and enjoy !!


Welcome Keith, get yourself down to the Borough meet.

Will do asap…!

Thanks for a wicked welcome!

hey welcome!!!

Hi there, welcome to the forum

welcome to the site