Newbie saying hello!

Hi all!

Been lurking for a while thought i would say hello to all u guys! Hello! Met a few of u guys wgoing to brighton (Rottie, Hennesy and Chris Dee) and briefly met (I think) Jay and Bike2travel after the unity ride.

Im from woodford, 21 and at uni in bristol so only really use my bike during holidays (i miss the communting days :frowning: )

So just saying hi and top site n forum!

Below are some pics. There is a pic of me on this page: from the brighton run (far left) nt a good pic!

Hello and welcome. Nice plate.

Hi there, welcome to the site, nice pics of your toy

hello welcome!
im youngest here
nice bike

Your bike is thanutz!!! Nice one… Welcome to LB… Hope you enjoy your stay?

Thanks guys for the welcome! Glad som1 thinks my bike is thanutz! lol

Hey Anil! Nice to see you’ve signed up at last! Welcome to the gang. Nice pics

Welcome mate. Sweet bike and I like to see you also like blueflame cans too!

Alrite mate, glad to see you’ve joined the forum now. Nice to have met you on the Brighton Burn-up day… I bet you thought when I post I was going to say something about ‘scampy’ but I don’t think I will, lol… Ooopz Only joking geeza. Welcome to the forum Anil and enjoy!


Hello, and welcome mate!

Hey, BeaverLJ you think you are the youngest here! I am the youngest here! Anyone who tryed to have a serious conversation with me can tell you I’m right! Well, my little body maybe slyghtly older than yours but the soul is what matters isn’t it?

Hey mate! You really look a bit like “scamp” at least that’s what some guys say…init?

When are we going for a ride? Chrisdee knows good roads, I think the weather is going to be good on the weekend.

Im up for this weekend like u said if the weather is good, my bike was dirty after brighton spent most of yesterday washing it!

No more mention of the scamp thing.


Hi Mate, Hope to see you at the Ace sometime

Yep Tony, its a Transam… Its a replica of KITT from Knightrider! The original K.I.T.T was a 1982 1/2 Pontiac Trans-Am Recaro Edition.

Its not an Eagle, lol. Its a phoenix… and that is the Pontiac Transam Firebird!


Hey all,

Yes its a firebird transam, 1982, but kitt from the show was not a recaro edition (mine is though) as they had PMD styling (i.e. seats etc…) Still im suprised at ure knowledge Hennesy! Ure right it is a pheonix…firebirds logo…mine use to have that on the side…had to get rid to do a proper replica

Its my dads car and mine we have been restoring it for the last few years when im home from uni

And why will u get stoned! Just cos its not a bike…ive been meaning to bring the car down to the ace but i need to get some work on the gear box done!

I grew up around cars like that, my dad had a Firebird. Black with a yellow/grey phoenix, was soo nice! loved the sound of the engine, always used to listen to it purr…

Nice work on the replica KITT as well Anil!


The plan was to put the new carpet and seats in this summer but it keeps getting put back further and further…im gonna build the dash electronics myself at uni at some point this year! Glad u like it!

Hi Anil - I’d spotted it too in another post of yours.

Have you seen one of the originals? There’s on up in Keswick’s Cars of the Stars Museum.

No i havent andrew, but i have seen plently of replicas at some american car shows.

I thought that museum closed down!

Never mind

or the smokey and the bandit shape or the one b4! I will bring it up 2 the ace one of these day…parking is the only problem!