Newbie reporting

Hi Everyone,

I’m making the switch from 4 wheels to 2. Have done a little write up on my notes site about this.

Just done my CBT last Saturday (in Swanley, great spot to do your CBT btw).

Currently using the car to commute from Maidstone to Hoxton square, Hackney. Now looking for a bike (cg/sr/cz 125), posted in the classifieds, but got moderated, once I find one, hopefully will be using the bike to do so.

I’m planning to pass my DAS within about 2 months of starting to ride the 125cc one and will then move up to big boy bikes.

So thanks for having me and I hope to see some of you in the upcoming meets.

welcome :slight_smile:


In your two year plan maybe consider an advanced riding test at number 5 and maybe a trackschool such as Ron Haslam/Chris Walker at number 7 and Bikesafe at number 4?

Pass CBT [ done ]Get a 125cc bike, start using it for commuting, get comfortable with two wheelsPass DASBikesafeGet a more powerful bike, use it, get comfortable.IAM/ROSPA/ Advanced TestStart going to track daysTrackschool Branch out and consider racing.

Everyone is different so do what you feel is best for you. What I say is just do something :wink:

Stay Safe



Consider a Bikesafe course shortly after passing your test - cheap as cheaps, good fun and very informative

Yes that’s a good point…Have edited mine to include that as well as Bikesafe is definitely worth doing…

Thanks everyone! I’ve updated my “plan” with the items you suggested. Now back to reading the theory test book :wink:

Welcome :slight_smile: