Newbie Question

Hi guys,

bear with me if this is a really silly question…but i have googled it and found nothing.

I have done the CBT and theory test, been riding for about 8 months in and around central london, west london, is there anything stopping me simply applying for a a2 license and taking the test ? or do you have to have professional instruction and be with a riding school / instructor ?

Again, if that is a really stupid question please let me know.



I’m pretty sure you can just do it on your own bike without having any extra tuition. All you have to do is make sure you can proove the vehicle is legal etc.

See if you can just call up the test centre, they’d know and then you can book your test straight away with them

You can phone The same people with whom you booked you theory test with and go thru the options. I think its about £68. But it does help if you have some training with an instructor just incase you need to kick any bad habbits you’ve pick up while riding in those months.

You could also phone the place where you did your CBT they might be able to offer a free assesment. Thats what i did before i booked my test and they told me that i had to get rid of some bad habbits.


on my last lesson there was a lad who had his test booked, but wanted an assessment just in case… He thought he was going to breeze through it and show me and the other lad up… Our instructor spent nearly the whole time pointing out things he was doing wrong. Positioning was wrong, observations were wrong, maneuvres were sketchy etc.
Not at all saying it’ll be the same with you, but it will at least make sure you’re at “test standard” even if you can ride proficiently already

I took this route, did my CBT + theory test & commuted for a couple of years on a 125. The applied for my test directly.

I passed, but was as with previous posters was aware that the biggest problem I may have had was bad habits & ‘going back to the rule book’, i.e not filtering etc during the test. Lifesavers and mirrors came naturally due to doing this every day.

Guess it’s up to the individual & obviously you need a bike appropriate to the test. Perhaps my examiner felt sorry for me as I took my test on a very tired Honda NS125 which although it started everyday rain / shine to commute was very reluctant to start at the test centre… maybe it knew it’s days were numbered if I passed :slight_smile:

Good luck!