newbie post


Just a quick post to say hi as I’ve just joined, travelling into London everyday from Surrey on a '57 plate CBF600 and saw the site advertised on the back of a guys jacket so thought id join up.

Pic below is a month or so old and have added a hugger and rad cover since but not taking anymore until I’m finished spraying the bellypan :slight_smile:


Welcome to LB!

Those down-pipes are offensively clean! you need to get out on a Jetstream ride-out :stuck_out_tongue:
Welcome to LB!

The rain got them a bit mucky so need another clean down, the belly pan should protect them a bit more plus I’ve got a fender extender on now. I’ll get some new pictures this weekend or next.

Jetstream? :blush:

Hi & welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome.

Well finally got round to finishing everything (for now), haven’t been on the forum much of late but going to try to get on more.

Very nice, but too clean. come and see Mr Jetstream, he can sort that out.:w00t:

Ahem! Would you care to post a pic of the down pipes from your old Hornet?!?!

Edit: Welcome to the mad house Jerry! As you can tell, most people here like it a little dirty.