newbie picking daisys......

hi everybody, just thought i would sayhello to you all.i live in watford and ride gsx1400…iride out most weekends,go to the ace,use to go to frith street but nomore…and just hi…hobbies are collecting light bulbs and picking daisys

Hi and welcome to LB, could you make me a daisy chain please? I haven’t had one on amy years, lol.

Your from watford as well…I’v seen u over the fields on ur knee’s always wonderd wot u was doing

Welcome (from 1 newbie to another)

welcome newbee

thats a bright idea to collect lightbulbs…energy saving i hope

Hey Tug, welcome to LB! Nice avatar, hehe. Post up some snaps of your ride in the pictures forum! Hope to see you at our meets…

Hellooo Tug…

Newbie2newbie… It’s all nice and warm in here… everyone’s an absolute diamond. Real sense of belonging

Welcome to LB dude enjoy the site

Poke, poke SLAP with da newbie stick


Welcome Tug

hello m8…how u keeping?


lot’s of Watford bikers… just down the road from me!


Lightbulbs? It pays to be weird here

Welcome fellow Suzi rider

Welcome to LB mate, you sound like a weird f ooker :smiley:

I look forward to the next 900 3 worded posts you will put up ;):slight_smile:

Its a shame your 1400 was too powerful, my mates selling a cb500 if your interested? Interesting hobbies you have - at least westie can see what he’s doing now!! :stuck_out_tongue:

rofl:D so wat you want for the cb 500:w00t:

£550 including the stabalisers. Shouldn’t be too powerfull for ya mate :slight_smile:

i always new you liked a good “screw” up the arris…:w00t::smiley:

Hi and welcome.

I`m trying to picture you in my head and all i can seem to get is a bald, fat ugly bloke who is a gloryfied minicab driver, am i close.:stuck_out_tongue:

i think you need the stabalisers for your own bike.but thanks anyway:P

johnp (13/11/2007)

Hi and welcome.I`m trying to picture you in my head and all i can seem to get is a fit looking bloke ;with a bitching bike and a wicked lexus ;iwish i could be like you.:P[/quote] many thanks jp

Hello fellow Watford biker…!