Newbie on a thou

I have just watched this video. A typical example of a person with absolutely no bike experience
who wanted to start learning on a Blade…:w00t::hehe:

This clip always makes me laugh, ‘JOOOOHN!!!’


I knew he was in trouble at “did you ever drive a stick before? No?” xD




PS. Love the music too and his mates taking the **** after…That guy that couldn’t stop laughing cracked me up :smiley:

I can’t help think that John’s mate, the one who actually owns the blade, is a bigger moron than John for letting John use his blade for his first lesson in how to ride a motorcycle, DUMBASS!!!

Although if he was the guy in the t-shirt laughing afterwards he didn’t seem to concerned about his bike? :pinch:

First I thought it was the passenger who got owned, but… no.


The bike had a cage on it (stunt bike), so wouldn’t be too badly damaged.

hahahahahaha classic reminds me of my first ever attempt on a bike…only myself to blame tho…I am totally self taught (and it shows :wink: ) saw my rear so many times Im suprised the skin grew back on leg after all the exhaust burns. PMSL good clip

Have to admit that my first time on a bike wasn’t too dissimilar. 250cc sports. Early 20s. 2 minute lesson from a mate. Didnt’ even have a helmet on (idiot!). No warning as to how quickly you can go from zero to hero. Twisted the throttle to full and unsurprisingly didn’t have the nouse/experience/training to be able to deal with the inevitable consequences and as the bike took off out of my control I took the quickest escape route I could think of and jumped off it and left the bike go its own way. :w00t:

However, was definitely humbled by the experienced and gained respect for the machine and resolved there and then to one day learn to ride properly.

Fortunately it was pre-You Tube so my embarrassment was mostly private (until now).

Think most of us have had a simular sort of experience in our early days of riding ??

I can remember mine … While trying to start my FS1E Yamaha. running along beside it, i decided to let the clutch out, (not knowing that i should then jump onto the seat) the bike screamed into life sounding like a tortured hairdryer, but with suffucient power to drag me along beside it, hanging on for dear life.

Needless to say, my trip was short, and after crashing through someones privates, i came to rest amongst the pergonnias, half sprawned on the front lawn, winded, and feeling kinda stoopid.:blush:

Here endeth the lesson :):slight_smile:

If I was crashing through someone’s privates I’d hope to come to rest against something more interesting than pergonias. Would definitely be out of breath though! ;):smiley:

That’s what Ithought…not even driven a manual car and then on a blade…ugh!!!

I still remember the first time I took my first “proper” bike off the stand. Sitting astride it, feeling the weight, I thought to myself “whoa… this is not a toy”.

I then pulled out into North London traffic, being blown away how fast I was surging forward compared to how little I was giving it. OMG 650CC POWER!!!

I try to remember that fear and that respect sometimes, I think it’ll make me live longer :wink:

Enough internet ********, the sun is out, I’m off to the Black Forest :cool:

I remember being intimidated by the prospect of having to tame the mighty CB500 when I was learning :smiley:

But the fact is - anyone can make a tit of themselves, however experienced, on a motorbike of whatever power if they are not paying attention - it’s in the nature of being on only two wheels. :wink:

haha seen it before but still so funny! joooooooohnnnnnnnnn

Here’s another one:

Someone was asking about how to pull wheelies today…

It seems that learning to ride a bike is something that is best not taut by your biker mates on one of their 1000s.