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Hi All

This is new and I am new to this so here goes…!

My first experiences of bikes was riding pillion through the Indian Himalaya and south of the sub-continent, photographing Enduroindia rallies. Soon after a very kind and generous friend that I met on these trips gave me his former steer, a YB100 that I have been riding through the streets of London for the past couple of months. During this time I’ve battled sub-zero temperatures, snow, sleet, rain, ice and hail - all aboard my beloved but temperamental bike. My confidence was knocked when I failed my first test a couple of weeks ago: test nerves on the u-turn and I put my foot down. Apart from that only 2 minors! Not easily defeated I climbed back on the following day only to be nearly killed by a ‘Murphys’ truck and then assaulted. (Anyone else been affected by these clowns?) He’d cut right across my lane and nearly knocked me off. Took a disliking to my V sign gesture, got out, arms flaring, headbutted me (I as wearing a lid), and then pushed me off my bike.

The next test is booked for Friday and I am dam well going to pass this time! And maybe keep the kerb at bay rage slightly ;o)




Welcome Alice.

I think I went out riding with your fella, Andy. Top bloke and rides the be-jesus out of that fazer. Mentioned you, your two minors and your re-test this Friday so I reckon I’m on track. Best of luck mate, practise you slow control and you’ll be fine - test conditions are always a b’tch.

See if you can and Andy can come to BMM this week. Meet the LB lot, good bunch!

haha, yep that was me…

Welcome Ally! (at last) :wink:

Hello and welcome. Good luck for the next test… you know you can do it .:slight_smile:

welcome to lb :slight_smile:

I hope you reported the assault to the police and the employer.

Best of luck for the next test. All the best riders fail first time!

Hi Joey nice to hear from you!
Yup Perks is my not-so-better half ;o) He said he had a great ride out yesterday with you and others. I’m hoping he’ll soon grow out of his Fazer so he can give it to me. If you are able to help out on the persuasion here that would be great!! So whats the BMW meet this week? Andy never tells me anything… ;o)
Hope to meet you at some point!

Welcome to LB and good luck with your test.

Oh and its not a BMW meet its BMM (Borough Market Meet) its where we meet on a weekly basis to catch up and put the world to rights. Its right by London Bridge.

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

How was his head after butting your lid?

hi and welcome

Dont let the nerves get the better of you on test day. The bike examiners like their job, so they’re ina good mood (it helps) be safe, give em a nice ride and you’ll pass!

Good luck for 2mrw!

Hello and welcome

welcome to LB :slight_smile:

ooops, only just saw this. About time you showed your face here. See you Monday.

Welcome to London Bikers

Hi there,Im on my hubbies password, havent got round to joining myself! I took my first test last june after 3 days training, and like you failed on my u turn with only a couple of minors, was gutted because I had really worked on that too! He had taken me to this tiny little road that was also on a slight hill, really unfair! I took another test about 3 wks later and got caught in a storm, was raining so hard I couldnt see the lines in the road, on the way back to the test centre I didnt notice that the road we were in had changed to one way half way along, so when he asked me to turn right at the end of the road I was in the wrong lane, so I failed again! I finaly passed at the end of sept, 3rd time lucky and it was the best feeling in the world when he said those words! So worth all the pain I went through! Good luck and welcome to the site.