Newbie night?

is it tonight? if so i may be going x

Westie my dear, you are not a newbie :slight_smile:

No he preys on them !

We bet he’s hoping to cast his beady eyes over “The other Westie”:smiley:

lol shut it you lot, and yes i like to see the new victims…:wink:

Any ‘New Westie’ could smell the poo on you a mile off…

better than the stale spunk on your face

WestieFEST lol


Another great turnout !! Cmon LB whassapening !! :crying:

Where were you looking?

There were about 8 of us there. :unsure:

Yes I was one of them !

lol carmen

The newbies run this place didn’t you realise j

I’ve never seen LB so divided, breaks my heart to see it slowly die the way it is, needs sorting now:angry: who was there Justin?

bugger , id forgotten it was newbie night , id have popped over with a few newbies from Blackheath if id remebered

Hahaha, Sorry. I didn’t know everyone’s board names. Still don’t if they’re not obvious. :blush:

I got to meet new people, and see familiar faces, which I enjoyed. :smiley:

I don’t know about you, but sometimes a smaller group is easier to approach. I knew it was newbie night, and even though that wasn’t the initial reason I was there, I was very happy to stay. :slight_smile: Tim approached me so I knew someone at least. But if I were a total, utter n00b, and just looking for a massive group of strangers, it would have been a bit intimidating.

I don’t think you should worry about small numbers of old LB faces turning up to newbie night, so long as someone is there to say ‘Hi’ and chat rubbish, I think it’s all good. Almost like a nice gentle way in, before they realise what they’ve got themselves into. :wink:

Anyone had LB clothes on?

Does help, it’s how I found Rixxy the first time I was there. Also see BigVern’s thread recently, does help.

never been myself. i work every Monday night until 10pm, have done for years.

Its pretty sad to see LB getting fragmented. I cant offer anything other than a ‘yeehaar and a whoop whoop!’

The newbies do seem to run the place but they do post loads. There has to be a roll over of users. The old ones dont post so much, the new ones do, in time they will become the old ones and not post soo much, leaving space for the new newbies.

… says the bloke who has started running other meets, and another forum! :laugh: you do make me laugh :laugh:

and posts this on there "All of you sitting in here not saying **** all becoming more like LB every day **** off back on there if you cant handle this forum bunch of cunts

And you say it’s become divided, your own doing mate.