Just a reminder as Ginger seems to be lacking in information lately, it’s Newbie Night at the Ace from 6pm tonight.

Everyone welcome. We are usually at the far end of the Ace so come and say hello. :slight_smile:

We are planning to get there:)

is ginger not a moderater on another site now ?

I think you will find he is a host on CBC :slight_smile:

i thought i see his name as i was flicking through the sites.

as im at a loose end now today i will make it about 6.strange i feel like a newby as i havent been around for a while…c u there

breakfast club ruined me this morning but am sure i can make it down for a bit :slight_smile:

ive only just got back from the lunchtime finch run but will be there

I’d really like to be there BUT…,why are all your meets in ,or around, London??? I live in Budapest. Why can’t you have a meet HERE sometimes??? Always the Ace or the this and that…Try Hero Square in Budapest:w00t:

PS If I get one serious answer to this, I 'll be gutted;)

Not sure I’ll be getting down for this one… First real ride out this morning with peeps from here, but I’ll definately be at borough market on wednesday night!

BCR has taken it out of me this morning! :smiley:

good turn out