Newbie Night Tonight?

Isn’t it newbie night tonight? I’m actually in London so could, possibly, perhaps, maybe make it. Depends if I can brave the sub freezing temperatures. :slight_smile:

Yes it’s Newbie Night, we’ll be there from about 6pm’ish :slight_smile:

It’s a lovely winters day, no rain just a little cold so expecting a good turnout tonight, so see you all there;)

I can’t make it tonight i’m afraid - am working nights :crying:

Always good to think positively, but expecting that in this case you may be disappointed :ermm:

Can you do it before leaving home? :smiley:

Might be able to pop in for a quick cuppa after donating blood tonight, but need to be in Uxbridge for 7.45, bad scheduling on my part this month :wink: