Newbie Night TONIGHT 1st Aug 2011

Don’t forget you lot, it’s newbie night at the Ace. For those who have never been people get there either straight from work about 5.30pm and stay until they get bored or have to catch up on their beauty sleep :smiley:

Usually we have the tables at the far end of the Ace by the stage but if that’s already being occupied then we sit wherever there are free tables. Don’t be shy in asking if we are LBers…or ask the staff most of them know us lot.

See you tonight.

Ill be there!:w00t:

:smiley: :smiley:

Me and Si should be there :slight_smile:

i be down at some point might even bring my bitches :slight_smile:

what time will you be there, Dan?

I’ll pop down to give ya the 40 quid, then probably shoot off again, not staying too long out today.

cant realy get down untill about 7 ,will there still be people there

usually people are still around at the time

good im a noob and ill be there,cheers

whent tonight spoke to a few of you ,enjoyed it thanks guys

Sorry, wanted to get there, but had other commitments…hopefully will get there next newbie night. Would be nice to meet a few fellow 125cc riders.

Will probably be at BM on Wednesday. Seem to be the only ‘L’ plater there…LOL!!!