Newbie Night - Monday March 4th at the Ace Cafe

I shall be coming along - neither on 2 wheels, nor 5 - but on 2 legs and a crutch - seem to finally be on the mend -yay!!!

Who else is planning to come?

Yep, should be able to make it. Should be nice and sunny on Monday.

That’s really good news Ally! so glad for you. I’m hoping to go, if I have got rid of neurovirus by then:sick:

I should be there depending on work what time is everyone look at?? if its after 8pm look out for a clapped out silver and yellow thundercat!

i’ll see you there sweetie (Ally), i’ll be there after 8. :slight_smile:

I’m aiming to be there from 6.30pm (depending on work).

I’ll be there.
If I ever get this article finished that is

I finish my nights on Monday so if I wake up in good time in the evening I’ll pop down.

I should be there. :smiley:

i should be able to make it too :slight_smile:

Bring your Clogge’s. :slight_smile:

Hoping to be there for this one, if work doesn’t shaft me :wink:

Will be there about 7. Look out for a black sv650n.

Looking forward to meeting you lot

I hope to be there, but still moving so might not make this if im knee deep in boxes :crazy:

Do you still meet at the bottom end of the cafe, near the shop/stage? (been ages since I’ve been to Ace, it could have changed)
Did a newbie night once just after joining here, that was a good few years ago now. I don’t post much, so will be a stranger to most of you.
Rampers, you can park yer 'Cat next to mine mate :w00t: Will try and get up there.

Well CU there.


Yep, usually at far end near the bikes parked on stage.

Leaving London Bridge about 6:30pm, so should be there around 7:15 ish.

see you all there.

for steve - it is normally at the bottom by the stage, if not the people serving can point us out. :slight_smile:

i feel like a zombie today, had a busy weekend so am knackered. but as i work near waterloo the Ace isnt too bad to get to. I will be along hopefully

Don’t worry steve you’ll recognise me :stuck_out_tongue: I’m still about, see you tonight.