Newbie Night Monday 7th January Ace Cafe

I’ll be there from about 19:30 onwards. Anyone else?

I might pop along, not been in a while.

work permitting. going to be the first day back for me, we’ll see :slight_smile:

tempted as I’m itching to get out on the bike but working that night :doze:

You can get a cream for that you know? :smiley: :wink:

first day back at work for me too, all being well I should be there about 7:30.

working away next week - shame woudl really like to get to an ace evening as its on my doorstep :smiley:

nope, unless it stops raining lol:laugh:


I might Volvo it, haven’t been to the Ace in a while.

Where the Fcuk is Curly Ally. :slight_smile:

Not been seen since being wheeled out of the LB Xmas party in a wheel chair lol

there is no cream to make work go away though :Wow:

Curly Ally is still in a f**king wheelchair, that’s where!! :slight_smile: It turns out I’m not a very patient invalid and I have another 2 months of this, followed by another 3 months physio. :crying:

However, I am fine for short distances on crutches and would love to be there, so if anyone happens to being going by cage and will be passing the Southbank/ Waterloo area, then a lift would be hugely appreciated! :smiley:

Might join you too :hehe:

I might try and pop along, but first day at a new branch and I don’t know what shift I’ll be on yet!

Sounds good. Haven’t been on the bike all Christmas! How bad is that?! Anyway, Monday is my first day back at work, so be good to finish on a blast up to Ace for big mug of coffee.

if only i didnt work nights…


I hope to make it but it’s my first day back so it will depend on the boss!

hopefully see you there

i will be there, bike if its dry, van if its pissing down