Newbie Night Monday 4th February Ace Cafe

I’ll be there with Usual Suspects. But who is Keyser Söze?

Any one coming for this, i’ll there from about 19:30 onwards.

Well I might come in, but I’m very shy so please be visible :slight_smile:


I wont be able to make this one, sorry folks.

@evilblade We would normally sit at the far end inside, just in front of the stage. Look out for folk wearing London bikers hoodies.

Cheers :slight_smile: I will pop-in for few minutes then.


i may be

the only gay in the village? :smiley:

Kev you’re in good form today! :smiley:

i’m a maybe. may be also with mystery guest.

Can anyone go I might turn up
Just to keep a eye on everyone

We will be there. Don’t worry you’ll recognise TDJ he was on the ride with you yesterday.

:slight_smile: It would help if people will introduce themselves :stuck_out_tongue:

What time are you going to materialize yourselves? So I try to synchronize… hope it won’t be synchronize swimming.


It’s open to all, newbies and regulars :smiley:


I might Just pop down, but im scared of the Dark!


Hi Guys,

I am planning to make this one, but unlike last month I will not just look around and then leave thinking noone is there, but will actually walk over to try and find out where the LB guys / girls are in Ace Cafe!!!

Totally my fault last time so will make sure not the same this time

maybe im at a course in earls court so depending what time i finish there and get home

Barring torrential downpour, I should be there.

If I am fortunate to be working in the London area that day then I will be there. Going off north tomorrow but hopefully back Weds or Thurs at the latest.


Might pop along if its not chucking it down ill even wear my LB hoodie :wink:

Will probably be there myself
Don’t have an LB hoodie though :pinch:

Im gonna check in and see what all this bizzle’s about??:hehe:

Excellent - ill know what to look for now!!!