Newbie Night Monday 2nd April at Ace Cafe

I’m not sure where all the threads have gone or who is doing it but usually the first Monday of the Month is Newbie Night at the Ace Cafe.

When it is warm the numbers increase so if you’ve been up there over the winter and not many of us have been around it’s either because of the weather or work commitments.

I shall be going tonight between work, people start showing up from 6pm until the last man’s standing :smiley: and we are usually at the far end of the Ace near the stage…if you are not sure just ask someone at the counter ‘where the londonbikers are’.

Don’t be shy :slight_smile:

I’ll be there…brown hoodie, BIGVERN on the back, londonbikers on the front. (As usual!) As Ang said, we’ll probably all be together on a table at the back but don’t feel intimitated, come and say hello and I’ll buy you a coffee. My luck and it’ll be the night we get dozens of new members! :pinch:

Sweet , free coffee from Vern and Im there !

Their seems to be a bit of miss communication here or should I say “no communication”, not being a mod and not having access to the inner sanctum so to speak I can only pass on what I know, and that is…newbie night has been scrapped and is no more.:w00t:

But I will add, as the momentum for a newbie night is underway and vern is buying the coffee i’ll consider coming down and join in the LB meet:D

Don’t think it should be a newbie night just a regular monday night meeting point for all LBers :smiley:

bikes gone in for a service so dont think i will be able to come

This is the type of shite that really pisses me off about this site! I mean was there even a notice that it had been scrapped? Not being the type of person that feels the need to post every ten seconds about f**k all I could have missed it and if so I stand corrected. But that does get over the fact that some people on here are genuinely making an effort to welcome new people to the site only to be told, sorry we can’t be bothered! I am sure that the few people that stood up and said they will be there tonight have much better things to do than sit at the ace to maybe welcome one or two people to the site but if the site concerned can’t be arsed why should we? I mean, we are all busy, we all have jobs, families, commitments but it seems to me that too many people involved with this site are happier sitting at home on their laptops than actually getting out there and making the effort.


That said I will still be there and my offer still stands. AND if you have an issue with my opinion then come and see me tonight, don’t bother coming at me on here as I will not argue online. As a great man once said…Arguing online is like running in the special olympics, even if you win you’re still retarded!

I must’ve missed the post where it said the is no newbie night…

But… Bollox I’m still going and will meet and welcome old and new members!
It’s only one night a month, I’ve been going for the last god knows how many years, remember 2006-7 well.

So, come down and feel welcome.

i have got my bike back anyone going ace cafe via colindale nw9? if so could i tag long via that route and back?

So if there is no newbie night and was scrapped , what is there to replace it ?

I also dont remember seeing a post saying anything ? would be nice if someone " official " can clear this one up and explain why its no longer felt necessary ?

Still going as its a nice day !

what time are people getting there for? i might try and come just not used to goin ace cafe on my todd as im normally there with my riding partner from work

The only message which has been posted (that I am aware off) is by MacP stating that there are new plans ahead, but other than that nothing has been stated yet, or scrapped, or anything (unless I’ve missed something recently)

Vern, some blokes down here looking for you he said he didn’t want to do it on the forum …, I’m just passing on his msg

It’s Terry the piss taker :smiley:

Yeah my bad.

Sorry Vern …

As it stands we want to encourage people to meet up wherever and whenever they wish and we’re just trying a different way of doing things at the moment - didn’t see the need to have a big ceremony about it all - just wanted to quietly introduce a different way of doing things.

Just felt that having it pinned as 1st Monday of the month wasn’t the best way of doing that. Of course as there’s always people down at the Ace there’s always something going on. New LB’er are contacted directly about the places LB’ers meet up and encouraged to go along.

So knowing LB’ers can be found at the Ace on a Monday Night and based on the way we’re trying to help Newbies at the moment we’ll see how that goes.


hope you all having fun at ace i was gonan come but as no time was given didnt attempt to come :slight_smile: probably see some of you friday as its bike night then :slight_smile:

What do you mean…no time was given…read my first post! :smiley:

i tell you summimnk you f—ing are BANG OUT OF ORDER, we have been going to the ace EVERY month [apart from one] for over the last year and sometimes sit there on our own, while you sit at home on your arse and just prress buttons and delete newbie night THANK YOU VERY FUCKING MUCH

this is for the attn of the MODS

Whats the harm in having a newbie meet once a month?

Sure there’s nothing to stop them from going to other meets at any other time, but having a dedicated meet for those that may be a little shy & knowing that they may not be the only new person there is a great boost.

I’ll admit that I haven’t been, but that’s due to a lack of wheels at the moment (family, house, car etc)… But once that’s sorted, I will go to noob night, as well as visiting BM, Tea hut & The Ace… And hopefully not annoy too many people :laugh:

Keep the newbie meet going… The more merrier I say :smiley: IMHO :smiley:

oooooooooops my bad ang lol

Nobody is stopping a newbie night its just no longer official on the LB calender. There is a section in the forum which doesn’t prohibit anyone posting an event of their choosing. Also, if there is demand for ‘Newbie Night’ there is no reason why you should give up on it regardless of its official status.