Newbie Night Monday 2nd April at Ace Cafe

I’m not sure where all the threads have gone or who is doing it but usually the first Monday of the Month is Newbie Night at the Ace Cafe.

When it is warm the numbers increase so if you’ve been up there over the winter and not many of us have been around it’s either because of the weather or work commitments.

I shall be going tonight between work, people start showing up from 6pm until the last man’s standing :smiley: and we are usually at the far end of the Ace near the stage…if you are not sure just ask someone at the counter ‘where the londonbikers are’.

Don’t be shy :slight_smile:

i would come but the bike has gone for its service and dont know if i will be able to pick it up today so sadly will give this a miss :frowning: but i should be there friday :smiley: