newbie night at the ace

hi there guys and girls dont forget this monday is our newbie night down at the ace see link

we hopefully will try and get the tables by the stage so head there first and look there

cheers ginger

See you Monday


Cant make it for this one…

Hi to all the Newbies though lol Ann x

I might be there

an d i was hoping to see you lovely face lol

I’m going to have to sit this one out! Hope ya all have a goodun

Cant make this one either gingey baby? no bike at the mo…boo hoo

Aww miss you too sweetie,

just for you … xxx



now all i wanna see is 38dd’s pic and that will make me happy

Aww I’ll miss ya. I’m going to make the effort I just hope it’s a nice evening as it’s such a long ride in for me.

Oh NOOOOO Ang, sorry I am entertaining a load of VIPS at work… let me know when you are about again and I will come up to the Ace… LOL Ann x

Ok Ginge, you asked for it…

PS… can anyone guess who is hiding under the said 38DD…

it is a London biker…

LOL Ann x



Ring me anytime you fancy meeting up there for a coffee Ann, and that’s you hiding I can tell that smile anywhere

THanks Ang, will do !

NOPE not me, it is a bloke under that 38 DD…

He has a blue bike…

il try and make it if i can get my neighbour to ride up with me, dont wanna be a larry

Being a newbie I feel it is only my duty to show my face. Thanks to Ginger agreeing to pick me up

I will try to make it. Only work 5 minutes away… Shame on me if I don’t make it…

With a dodgy carb and a feckin great nail in my back tyre it’s not looking good for tomorrow…

i will be going!!! hope to see you all there!

Cool… I’ve just been given the evening off by Mrs Cashmore so I shall be there for my tea :slight_smile: