Newbie Night at the Ace

just curios what the people want

I like Mondays just not on a Twist and Go Night

Be happy give it a go :smiley:

You need another option - leave our night the same & kick out the chavs :stuck_out_tongue:

Just fell off workshop stool laughing nice one :D:hehe::hehe::smiley:

I’ve said any Monday but not the 1st one and bear in mind the N.London meet is the 2nd Tuesday.

Id prefer the last Monday of the month:)

I’ve closed the poll as I think we should see how the new night goes before we think about changing it again.

I think people should just give it a chance

Closed Poll Why All it was doing was asking The Members what they wanted which in my humble opinion should have been done in the first place Straight forward to do put up a poll for a month look at the answers and act accordingly then no prob’s the members get what they want :smiley: