Newbie Night at the Ace cafe

Just a reminder the newbie night is on at the Ace cafe this coming Sunday from 6pm onwards

well you better be there around 10am numpty :slight_smile:

He’ll be fine, I won’t be leading him there. :smiley:

See you on Sunday


Might actually be able to make this one…

Maybe see you lot there :slight_smile:

Hopefully attending with the R1 :w00t:

I will try and get there myself for my first noobs night and introduce myself proper. I havs a mess function to go to on Sat night though. It’s a free bar so I’ll see if I can recover in time. What kinda time do you all meet at the Ace and where do you sit/hang around?


apparently kevsta hangs out with the puddle pixies and ginger loiters round the back wiv the weirdos :D:D

easy to spot :slight_smile: