Newbie Night at the Ace cafe Monday 1st July

Well it’s creeping up on us again. Who’s in?

Not me.

I’m planning on being there, with my new bike! :smiley:

Should be in attendance :slight_smile: Might bring my little Pedro along :stuck_out_tongue:

Going to show the hoodlums outside how to ride a ped? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pedro is the love of my life, he saves me hours each day on the M25, I’d never do anything to harm him! :slight_smile:

I’ll be there! Any newbies thinking about coming along - if you work/ live centralish I can arrange to meet you and lead you up to the Ace, if you haven’t been before.

I’m in. :slight_smile:

I should be there, heading around the North Circular from the A12 probably around 6ish. Happy to meet anyone on the way there. (Ollie, we gotta see if that new bike of yours makes you more of a hooligan than the Hornet! ;-))

Totally not a hooligan
Something about riding near you must bing it out of me :laugh:

I’m driving back from liverpool on monday and if im back in good time, then yes, I’ll be up for a progressive ride to the ace :cool:

No hooligan tendencies - yet! He couldn’t keep with me on my tractor last weekend :D, but I’m sure that status will change as soon as he gets used to the new riding position.

Will try and get along. Will see if we can sort baby sitter so I can bring the missus along too.

I might pop along, it depends on work and weather :slight_smile: (Also dependant on me not crashing at snetterton on Sunday :slight_smile: )

Ally, stop trying to accost all the newbies before they even reach the cafe! They’ll never come back! :smiley:

I may be up for this. I may bring my mate along on his R125. He’s preparing for his DAS.

How do we recognise other members?

look for a red LB hoodie.

Or failing that, walk in and shout “where are the londonbikers folks?”

I’ll be along with Maxy :slight_smile:

Shut it you slaaaaaaag!! ;):smiley:

i would come but everytime ive come there as been a car event on and bikes and cars dont mix as i found out why dont you hold newbie meets on a friday or sunday afternoon to help newbies feel more comfee as most the car meets that happen on Mondays i have found them to be boysterious and they do like to intimidate others on the road… well hopefully see some of you another time :wink:

Boisterous? The classic German cars guys? Seriously?

I actually think a “non-bike” night is a good night for a newbie meet - it’s far easier to spot the LBers if there’s not many other bikers there!