Newbie Night at Ace Mon 7th April

Newbie night this coming Monday from 6ish onwards.

Everyone’s welcome old and new, it’s a nice relaxed way to get familiar with members from here.

Come down straight from work, have some dinner and good chin wag.

I’ll be along for a bit

I’d like to come, never rode north of the thames yet and get a bit confused haha!

Anyone going from Vauxhall-ish way that would like to accompany me up?

What sort of time would you be ready to head up there? I’ll becoming through Central London so I might be able to lead you up there. I do have to confirm what time I’ll be round there too as I have one errand I need to run but if you let me know when you think you’ll want to go I can let you knwo one way or the other.

PS I’ll probably be on a 125 too.


I finish work at 5.30 so any time after that, I can hang around here for a bit if you have to do something first.

That’d be awesome if you are able to as I get a little unsure of myself when on bigger unfamiliar roads and traffic. =)

I might come along too, just need to make sure theres nothing planned that evening (people have a habit of dropping last minute arrangements on me which have apparently been planned for months…)

What time do people usually meet there?

OK, I’ve just sorted out my errand and I should be all done by 5:30 so no need to hang around. I’ll PM you on Monday with a meeting point.

Ok brilliant, thanks!

The clue was in first the post…6ish :smiley:

I’ll be there again. Looking forward to a big bowl of cheesy chips, chin wagging and all your ugly little mushes :kiss:

Ink x

No sense of direction, short sighted, a blatant lack of observation…DAS here I come!

Hahaha I know how you feel! I got contact lenses for my bike and they drive me crazy! :crazy:

Reminds me of Rixxy, Terry and Robert :w00t:

Sums up Ducati riders!
Opps sorry Pin…

If I’ve recovered enough from my operation to drive by then, I’ll come down too.

I think I’m finally off for something I may be able to make it :laugh:

If work hasn’t sent me off to BFN next week, then I’ll at least think about coming down for a bit.

I may as well be a newbie for all the meetups I get to!

Oi, Mr perfect…


I know it’s only a matter of time, percentages and all that :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to get along as I haven’t seen one of rustys famous head shakes yet.

I am no longer a virgin as I went out on a jets ride today and unfortunately it was cut short by Alex having a tumble.