Newbie night @ Ace 07/06/10 Who's going?

Just wondering who is coming along tomorrow night.
It is my birthday tomorrow, so the more the merrier :slight_smile:

will be there

( well i aim to be there all depends lol )

psst :stuck_out_tongue:

Flat tyre again today - so won’t be riding anywhere 'til I get it sorted :crazy:

What time?

A birthday!? Even more reason for me to turn up tomorrow :slight_smile:

i’m working a night :frowning:

MRC, people are normally there from 6ish.

see you there :slight_smile:

I won’t be there, i’m bikeless now

sorry some thing come up

try make it latter if i can

have a good birthday stargirl

ride safe all

might pop by with missis rixxy!

Ahhh poo, would come (as i am a newbie) but the bike has just gone in to get its oil leak sorted :frowning:

I am in London tonight (in the car) might cruse past when done (is that allowed) ?

Yes, the car & van club are usually in attendance too :D… Too much aggro getting the bikes out just to get there lol

see you about 7ish :slight_smile:

i will be coming ago now, got a mate to give me a lift :smiley:

i will have you know we will be on the bike tonight,

only cos ive not got a bm to go in :slight_smile:

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone, and card I will treasure forever.

And thanks for the scrumptious cake Gemma! My first birthday cake in old Blighty. :slight_smile:

Ahhh didnt make it, took me 2 hours from MK to London, then it all went down hill…finished my job at 10 and wanted to get home.

Ill catch you lot next time!