Newbie Night 6th Nov . . .

Me & Mrs Z (gridgirl) will be in attendance

Anyone else know if they’re going?

Ill be there, don’t worry Da sticks staying at home.

Mr & Mrs Adamsky will be there! Lookin forward to it !

I should be there

Mr and Mrs Terry should be there

westie will be there with Brandy!


We’ll look forward to meeting you all

should be there unless weather is very nice, in which case I will be training for he next London Marathon (got to take advantage of all fair weather days during winter training…)

Brandy - cherry brandy - moi?

Large brandy for me please, I’ll be there


I will try and make it again…

We should be able to make it but will need to see closer to the time!!!

That I DON’T believe - I’ll be there, sporting my P.A.N.T.S. and begging for a cup of something hot.

With luck and a following wind (and a babysitter at home, and a pass on the DAS, and not too disgusting weather, and a bit of confidence) I’ll be on a bike, otherwise I’ll be in my car ‘en famille’ - are kids allowed? - but woteva, I’ll be there. And why not? It’s just up the road from Ikea and Ikea’s open til midnight! (Best leave my credit card at home then…)

Oh, and glad you’ll be there, ian, so there’ll be at least one person who’s bike’s not covered in extraneous bits of plastic!

(CM lights blue touchpaper and retires)

should be there I’ll try and book the evening off work.

hey i might be there but it my birthday on that day so i dont know what im doing prob,s getting drunk

HAPPY BIRTHDAY forthe 6th Ross

thanks artist

If I’m not working I’ll be there. Look forward to meeting some new folks!


If I’m not working I’ll be there. Look forward to meeting some new folks!


Hi, Whats this Newbie night all about and where is it ?

I’m supposed to be working that night, but will try and get it off as its my birthday on the 6th Nov