Newbie Mitcham Triker Vid..

Hi all…thought some of you might like to see me take my little girl ‘Billi’ and my Nana ‘Joan’ for a quick spin on my trike…


Is the soundtrack for sale

Are they quad 40s or 45s?

Bet that goes well

They’re webber DCOE’s…‘twin-choke’ 48mm 4 of the buggers… Goes like stink…coughs a little if you just crack it open, but when your progressive and ‘feel it’ open it wants to take of…!!! Bit juicey though Got the bell mouths from the USA, theyre for some yanky downdraught setup … just had to run a drill through the mounting holes and voila…!!!



I have an engine here with 4 dellorto 48s on - waiting to go back into my mk1 capri.

Look forward to having a proper look at it down at one of the meets

OOOpps posted in the missus name again


You got a V8 in it then…? Which one…?


Rover - is there any other choice