Newbie meet at the ace (2nd july)

just a reminder there is a newbie night at the ace cafe on monday see here for oringial post

Like ive said before ill be there at 6pm.

Should be able to make this one, hope to see youz there!

i will be there,

I’ll try to be there if I get this bike on Sunday, I’ll be desperate to ride it somewhere

i might turn up a gift u with my presence lol

again!!! twice in 2 weeks pwwarrrrr!!!


im hoping to come along if i can get out of work

Seeing as I’m at Heathrow on Monday, I’m already half way there, so depending on offspring and pick-ups I’ll do me best to get there earlyish.

I’ll be there

me too…

I hope to be there weather permitting

i’ll try and get there. see you all soon

I may pop along to this … if I get away on time !

We should be there

I might show my face seeing as I have some un finished bizznizz up that end of the woods…

anyone for a cold one ?? !!!

i should be there if all my stuff is dry

i intend to come down about 8pm.

Call me a light weight … but it’s thundering down ere!

I’ve never been accused of being lightweight but my bike is made of sugar… Like the Skoda advert