Newbie (ish) from Sydney (yes, down under)


I wish to thank the organisers for the France trip over the w/e. Well I know it was only for Saturday, but I stayed in Paris for the night.

I am a member of The London Bikers, and wasn’t aware of London Bikers, until I saw the Van and spoke to other riders.
I was on the Black Honda VTR1000F (Yes, the one with the sheepskin seat cover)

Well I have joined up here, so hope to see you on a few rides and make some new friends. :o)

Brief background info: I moved over from Sydney and have travelled extensively, but intend on doing loads more travelling.
I live and work in London and love it!

Don’t be shy and say hello to me smile

Hello Zine - was nice to meet you on Saturday, hope you enjoyed Paris

See you out & about soon hopefully - first Monday of the month Newbie night at the Ace

Check out the rideouts & meets, plus a few of us are going to some BSB, WSB & MotoGP race meets if you are interested

Nice one mate!

France was a great day out - good to meet new people!

See you out and about!

Hiya Zine!

Welcome to LB


Hi and welcome aboard.

Hullo again

Nice 1 fella ,looks like we both newbies, it was nice to meet you and thanks for the pics… as I said you managed to get my best side…

hello and welcome

Thank you for warm welcome :o)

I won’t be able to attend the next ‘Newby Welcome’, as I’ll be riding through France and Spain, but will try and attend the following!

Have a safe trip - it looks like it will be a blast! Enjoy

welcome matey! good to meet you on saturday, hope to see ya soon1

welcome to lb