Newbie introduction

Dear members,

I came to my first club meeting with Claire, who surprisingly helped me get through DAS about a month ago, I say surprisingly because all I can remember about the 4 training days is lots of singing in my ear, and lots of feet down on Uies! God knows how I passed!

I ride a black Triupmh Daytona 675, and 3 days after I picked it up, drop it doing a slow left manuver pulling away from my house! infront of my next door neighbours! whom I’m very grateful for helping me pick up my bike! thankfully I’ve invested in some good crash protectors so the bike is OK.

I am still in the process of bonding with my bike, as I’ve never been on a sports bike before! getting used to the hunched position was weired at first, but turning into quite a pleasurable experience, the more I ride it, the better it feels, and the more confidence I have with it’s abilities! but like most new riders, I’m most wobbly at slow speed, particularly stopping at traffic lights! thankfully, I haven’t dropped it at the lights yet, and hopefully won’t, but I get the feeling it’s bound to happen sooner or later!

I live in Dulwich, that’s South East London for you posh people who live north of the river, but am found regularly around London’s west end meeting friends etc. Would definitely be keen on getting together for rides if anyone’s interested, as non of my friends are bikers, yet! I’d love to explore more biker cafes and hangouts, and generally learn the ropes!

For those of you I’ve met at the Brazen Head on Wed, thank you for making me feel welcome, a particular thank you to Claire, who was patient with me all day wed and for taking me to the Ace Cafe, and also to Adam ( hope I didn’t get your name wrong!) for also being patient with me on the ride back to Dulwich, nice wheelies by the way, but take it easy!

And I hope to meet more club members in the future.



Hi Melda

Welcome to LB! Was good to meet you at the Brazen Head. There’s a newbie night at the Ace this Monday so maybe see you down there.


Hey Melda, welcome to LB! Nice bike. Post a picture of it in the Pictures forum and see you at the Brazen next week!

Hey Melda,

Nice to briefly meet you on wednesday night. Take care riding that bike as a first bike!

Not gonna be at the newbie night, so will see ya again some other time!


Hi and welcome to LBs

maybe see you at the newbie meet on monday


Hey Welcome to LB!

Worry not you are not the only one to have dropped a 675 - I’m sure he’ll be along soon to say hello

Come on Monday 6th at the Ace so that I can see the 675 in black
mine is grafit… I am so jealous now… Although I haven’t droped mine yet… Waiting for a track day to do it proper… :wink:

Welcome! Great to see all the girlies on the forum, we’ll be outnumbering the blokes soon! Oh, and watch out for Da Artist and AbbeyJ, they have a habit of beating newbies with the newbie stick - surprised you didn’t get “got” at the Brazen Head, I know at least one of them was there. So, see you on Monday at Ace?


Hey Melda nice seeing you at the LB pub, I like the Black 675

Poke poke SMACK with the newbie stick

See you at the newbie meet

Da Artist

Hi Melda

It was good to meet you on Wednesday. We’ve been riding for about the same amount of time (I did my test on 2nd October!).

Hope to see you at the ace on Monday

Hello and Welcome mine’s a rum and coke HAHA

Hello and welcome Melda

Hi Melda,hello and welcome.


welcome newbee