Newbie Intro


guess i’m the latest newbie here. Okay my name is John, from Dartford. I’m a complete bike nut, been riding for 17 years, mostly everyday commuting to work. Had loads of bikes in the past, today i have a Kwacker VN1500 classic for summer cruising and a kwacker Z750 for everyday commuting and a bit more

By day i’m a sparky on construction sites and by night i turn into a crazed airbrushing custom painter. painting lids, bikes and anything else that takes my fancy.

look forward to dropping in regularly and checking out this site



Welcome aboard fella!

Watch out for people with sticks!!

welcome neighbour…i live near Brands and have zx7

give Trojan a poke he was looking for someone to paint his helmet for him…scottish flag and lion blah blah blah

i’ll tell him you are on line …

get your name down for the lads nite out …good way to meet them all

Hi and welcome to the LBs, great bunch here .


Welcome to LB mate, ill have to take a look at your site later but for now…

poke poke n SlaP with the newbie stick

Hiya John and welcome to LB,

All the best with the airbrushing matey; get yourself on down to Cubana on Wednesdays; the Ace at various times plus the new newbie meet on the first monday in the month. Plenty of rideouts too - one this weekend to Portsmouth check the rideouts section for full details including the lads night out in town.

See yer down the road; keep it rubber side down.


Welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick



Hi John, Big welcome mate.

Just looked at your website absolutely brilliant…Wow!

Hey John, welcome to LB! Have you got any examples of your artwork we can see?


Welcome to lb

welcome to LB john. might see you up the heath one night as you are not far from there.

Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Weaver i moved to Dartford about 5 years ago. I actually moved up to Derby and bought a house there this year, but am back down in Dartford for work reasons. Kinda miss the London Buzz and the people but not the congestion. Derby has fantastic bike roads. hence one of the reasons i moved up there.

Yes Jay my website can be found on and my other site i share with my beautiful talented girlfriend is

Excellent art work on both sites!