'newbie' in need of a bit of advice! :)

hi all…

so im actually here to pick your collective brains for a bit of advice, hope thats not too cheeky,

a friend of mine has been riding since he was a kid but a year or so ago had a nasty crash on the Euston road and hasnt ridden so much since, and i wondered if any of you lovely guys might be able to help out with some advice for me to get him back riding, thought a track day or something like that that might be a good idea? but i really dont have too much of a clue about bikes to be fair…

more than happy to buy anyone with any ideas a pint or 5 as im kinda stumped,

cheers in advance


depends how bad it was, might be best to go to some shows first instead of throwing him into the deep end make him get the buzz back

Maybe book him a day at an advanced riding school, a motocross experience day or a Bike Safe day where you ride on public roads with the police bikers.

See www.bikesafe-london.co.uk for details on Bike Safe

See www.yamaha-schools.co.uk for Motocross experience (yamaha school)



After my dads accident, we got him cycling first and took him to like a few bike meets, got his biker friends together and just went from there…

cool…cheers for the advice, guess its just about rebuilding confidence.

thanks guys.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Where’s my beer?

I know I didn’t give any advice, but hey, they beat me too it! :w00t:

Does he actually want to ride again? Surely it has to be his decision and if he wants to do it he will in good time:D

Bike meets would be a good one, like up the Ace , Box Hill etc on Sunday mornings. Check out the bikes, See if he starts getting the buzz back.

Not the best weather for it but good in Spring and Summer. Might be a starting point.

All I can add ‘its great being on 2 wheels!’