Newbie here! Hi to all.

Hi, I have a Yamaha XVS 250cc, I would like any advice on the security, I’ve heard some say that an alarm is a waste of money, & Almax chains are the best to get. I don’t know what the best alarm is to get but I know for insurance it has to be Thatcham approved.

What sort of price should I expect to pay for an alarm & fitting & what sort of price for the chain?

I also want saddle bags & the bag that sits on the sissy bar, out of the 3 I think that 1 would be more useful to start with. There is so many site & shops that its hard to know where to start & get the best price & produce.

I’ve past my C.B.T & just waiting to take the theory then practical, as its a 250 I cant practice on it as its over a 125cc even though its under 33 b.h.p.

I live in Romford, Essex & don’t know the best place/website to go to.

Any advice would be greatfuly received.


Davie J

hi welcome to lb. im sure someone will be on here shortly with some advice.

Hi and welcome aboard.

Have you been to johns of romford or bacons on the a12?

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the best alarm keep it in your bedroom

a good chain and an old cover,old then 9 times out of 10 no 1 will look twice trust me it works good luck

ride safe

John’s of Romford in London road is a Honda dealer & the 1 in Rush Green is a Suzuki.

hello and welcome to the LB family!!

Thanks, I’m a cruiser person myself (like the seating position), hope to be on the road soon.

Welcome to LB mate, the DSA website has several practice exams you can take. Pick up a copy of the Highway Code and make sure you know it. Theory test shouldn’t be a problem, the killer is the hazard perception.

As for the CBT it limits you to 125cc *AND * 14.8bhp.

Thanks for that but I’ve got a CD-Rom of the highway code & getting high in the 40s out of 50 questions reg’, I’ve also had 50/50 5 times so far, just waiting for a time that I can do the theory. I meant any good site/shops to visit for security alarms/chains. I’m sure the B.H.P isn’t as high as you state.

Yeah, just double checked as its been a long time since I spoke about it but until you pass your full motorbike test you are restricted to 125cc or under plus 33bhp or under!

Sorry matey but you’ve either been told wrong or misread something.

11kW = 14.6 bhp according to the Northern Irish DVLA equivilant (not sure why the figure isn’t stated in both bhp and kW on the UK site?)

So you either need to pass your test on a 125 and you’ll be good to go without needing a restrictor kit/throttle stop etc fitting since it’s 21 bhp–Drag-Star-2000–2004/ … but should you choose to get a gruntier bike in your first 2 years … that will need a restrictor to bring it down to 33bhp … or … pass your Direct Access and you can ride whatever you want as soon as you pass


almax chains ive heard good things about. do a search in google and you’ll find the pricefor alarms ive got a datatool system 3 i think but it was already installed when i got the bike, once again google it but definitely speak to the guy in johns of romford in the accessories store if you need to

Soz, my mistake as I rushed, I meant, once I’ve past on restricted it’s 33 bhp or under for 2 years. I’ve done my CBT but even though my bikes under 33 bhp I still cant ride it as it’s over 125cc, 250cc are a ‘grey’ area & that’s probably why they arn’t as common in the UK as other CC engines.

250 used to be really common, you could ride one with a car license, but only upto 1982 or something when they changed the law restricting it to 50cc, and I believe that has been removed since 1997 or something.

Still 250 seem to be making a come back.

As for security, Almax chains are highly rated by people here.

Good luck on the tests!


I found out today that although the chains I’ve been looking at are Thatcham they have standards, i.e, silver-gold, I would assume gold is the better one but was informed that as long as its Thatcham it doesn’t matter, is that just sales talk?

Hello mate! Welcome. :slight_smile: - with your name I though you’d have a ‘silver dream machine’ sorry couldn’t resist! :wink: :smiley: don’t know much about security but there are people on here that sould point you in the right direction. :slight_smile:

Hi & thanks. PLEASEEEEE TRY to resist :doze: but thanks for going to the trouble of uploading that pic of David Essex. I AM the DREAM machine! Are you sure you didn’t just stop by to say that ‘joke’? :rolleyes:

I’d like to say thanks to Rush Hour Racer for the link to imfo’ to my bike, very interesting. I suppose the nearest competitor to my XVS is the Honda Shadow, 1 that I considered, think I made the right choice (on looks, haven’t rode either yet). Wonder how they compare & what others think of the 2.

welcome to LB mate!!!.. if u want a cheap alarm, u can get one of those disc brakes that doubles up as an alarm and some are as loud as 110dB

I know I’m not really adding anything helpful here, but is n’t it annoying that insurers insist on alarms when they serve no useful purpose other than to annoy neighbours and drain your battery, no one takes any notice when an alarm sounds off.