Newbie.... Hello

Hello I’m Adam,

I’m Project’s mate and some of you have probably seen me at the Ace on a Friday night or at the christmas do.

I ride a yellow SV650S with its stupid loud exhaust muhahaha. Will post up some pics when I have some.

Here is a pic of me anyway.


Hello handsome and welcome to the LB!

Nice to meet you, thought you weren’t a ‘familiar’.

Glad you enjoyed the party !

Who’s the barm-pot woman pictured. Great girl - is she a member or someone’s missus? (if so she looked like the only one having fun!)


p.s. there’s coppers on this site

Hey Adam, welcome aboard! Glad you enjoyed yourself the other night… Post up a picture of your SV in the members gallery post, in the pictures forum, why not!?

Chucksta… I remember you!!! Thanks for coming to the party… Welcome to LB…

hello matey!

Welcome to the LB community. Glad you enjoyed that great event the other night. Hopefully there will be many more.

Thats My Jode… Well, we are having hard times, so I think I am forced to trade-in…

but nothing out there is as exciting for me right now… boohoo

I’ll win her back, who can resist those sideburns!

Hi Adam

Like you I am a Newbie and frequent the Ace, Soho and Chelsea Bridge, I will look out for you at the meets



Hope you didn’t have a sore head on Sunday

Welcome Adam! You are late mate! You should be here long ago! Enjoy the site!

Welcome dude!

Thats one down just need to get the other to sign up now, COME ON CRAIG!!!

but we lost damien… got sick… got a girl… never seen since…

LOL don’t like girls with sideburns.

Girls who will get into the spirit of things with you are good, better than stopping you going or sitting miserable in the corner glowering at you making you feel guilty for enjoying yourself.

I know this for fact.

Try harder.

I’m gonna go for the ‘give it time’ routine… we discussed things and sometime towards the end of january we’ll talk… if not I am making preps for the grand romantic gesture for valentines…

Its been 5 years (on and off) so I am sure I can do something…

Hello and welcome. Enjoy