Newbie Greenlaning North Kent Adventure

Date to be arranged. Time: Early Sunday evening around 6.30pm.

Ill be looking to sort a reasonable route. A bit of lanage and a bit of greenlaning and also fast twisties.

Meet point The Woodman Pub, Ide Hill

Down towards Edenbridge and then off on some mild dirty, gritty, pebbly roads (hopefully) Im very new to this to bear with me. This will be my first run out doing these types of roads. If we cant find any that are suitable with road tyres then we will stick to the fast flowing bends of Edenbrgie, crowborough and Ashdown forest.

Time back home: Ideally before 9.

Stick your name down if interested. Ill weed out the ‘none attendees’ - probably terry)

oh i like the woodman pub…used to work in ide hill and stop in there on a friday,watch those lanes in the winter some serious black ice under the trees.i had one hell of a brown trouser moment in my van down there

Ive done the same. One crisp October morning, though sod it, lets go. Nearly went A over T a few times. Was good fun though. Didnt do it again strangely.

Hmmmmmm tempting!

Unfortunately all my Sundays (and weekends for that matter) are booked until 19th September… :smiley:

Plus why do it in the evening when it’s dark? Surely during the day when it’s nice and warm and sunny, will be better?

I might make the meet time a bit earlier.

The reason: My Sundays are Mel and I’s only day on teh bikes. We love doing the FF roads. So FF in mid morning afternoon, home, food and back out on my own to meet the knobbers. Both parties happy then. There will be plenty more. When the weather starts to turn slightly and its a tad chilly (Mel wont be ridding) so I can meet mid day etc.

I’m up for that if I can get the oil leak sorted :frowning:

Okie dokie… well the meeting place is about 1hr from me so fairly reasonable… :smiley:

The only weekend I have free is Bank Holiday but may be away in Cheltenham…

If I don’t make that, then after mid-september I’ll be out to play

Miles away from me, if you organise a ride round Box way, still a shlep, but I’d come…and a bit earlier of course :slight_smile:

What Sunday you thinking? Me brother said he will blast out with ya. I am away for a couple of weeks. He knows all the lanes anyway…Sweet…

Cheers Moto. Ill try and get a date sorted asap.

Serri, its about 40mins from me too so no biggy. Gives time for bike to warm up fully.

Dris: What oil leak?

I’m in :smiley:

Not sure where from yet, but it’s loosing a fair amount of oil. I think it may be from the front sprocket.
I’ll see what master Adz has to say about it :wink:

BTW. Once we’ve done the greenlaning thing, we should also go to Lydden Hill to embarrassed some sports bikes. We had so much fun on Saturday.

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EXC 520 in supermoto trim:


Nice like it…Supermoto is the way forward man