Newbie girl (Valentino Rossi wannabe)

Been riding for about 6 weeks, never thought I’d ever manage the gear change, now I get bored at sitting behind cars at 30 mph!

Love riding, kinda taken to it like a duck to water… only problem is I’m still on a 125 - aaagh, it just chugs along (tried sticking my head forward to make it go faster, discovered that doesn’t make an iota of difference!!)

As soon as I pass my test (fingers crossed it’ll be at my first go), and get my first ‘real’ bike - something that goes over 55 mph - then I’ll really be free as a bird… oooh, can’t wait!

That’s me for now.

Hope to ‘speak’ / meet y’all at some time here or at the meets…


…hello and welcome …

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello and welcome to the Club !!


welcome to LB

Hi Nat!

Welcome to LB, what bike is it that you have??

Hello and Welcome

Hello welcome! Have you ever tried go fast stripes?


Hiya, Welcome to LB.

Take care

hi there and welcome to LB

hi and welcome

Welcome to LB from another newbie! :o)

Thanks!! And welcome to you too!

welcome speedy

Aaaah!! So you know me well already!!

yes im psychic, what area are you based in?

Hiya Nat! Welcome to LB - where you based?

I’m in NW London, not far from the ACE.