Newbie girl from Box Hill area

Hi guys and girls

I’m Hazza, 25 and near box hill, I know it’s not technically London but it’s bloody close enough! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been riding a number of year but have only taken it more seriously in the last few. I love a track day and go to the ace quite often. Box hill is my local jaunt but would love to know some other London biker locations within the city.

I have two bikes but more oftern then not seen more on one then the other, the other is slowly being transferred to track but I still like to keep it road legal just incase.

Can’t wait to meet some new people!

How do I up load pictures via iPhone or iPad? I can’t work it out haha!!
I better add that I am a natural blonde so can’t be a bit ditzy

Hello and welcome!

I personally hate using the forum on my phone it’s not user friendly…

To upload images I use Photobucket and then copy the URL (which contains ) and paste it here.

Hi & welcome into the madness! :smiley:

Hi and welcome…I live in Carshalton and my local is BOX too !

See you out soon…

Hello &Welcome Hazza!

I get down to Box Hill now and then, though depending on which bike I’m on, I might be looking for different lanes than you to ride :smiley:

Thanks for the welcomes!!

Can the forum be used on Tapatalk? It’s a forum App and it’s dead easy to use and very user friendly :slight_smile:

Okay here come some pics, they are thumbnails so hopefully the full size works for you guys?? One from the TT this year and at Brands hatch a few months ago.


alreet :slight_smile:

Welcome! Nice pics :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome, did you used to ride a 675? If so I think I’ve seen you at the ace a few times.

Yeah I did and I still have her! Being use more for track nower days but still gets MOT’d and taxed just incase :wink:

welcome aboard hazza! like the pics. :slight_smile:

Welcome. Did you use to commute into London on a 675? If so I think used to see you every now and then. I’m in Sutton, and near Box too.



Not sure maybe? There are lots of Daytona’s ridden in London, but I did commute on her (still have her too!) I work at Heathrow Airport so could of been me. :smiley: small world!!

Thanks for all the welcomes too!

Hellloooo, nice pics and your name on your bum too :smiley:

Worrying that you noticed.

Hello Hazza, watch out for Rusty he`s a perve and no mistake.

Were not as Im half of a couple, but yer bum looks nice anyway. :slight_smile: