Newbie girl - from 125CBR through crash and 5 surgeries - just done full license :)

Hi everyone,
My name is Agata. Just found this site and looking forward to meeting new bike people.
My dad always had a bike so it’s his fault I am mad about them! Started 3 years ago on a CBR125 but a car turned into me. Suffered bad distal femur fracture, they were not even sure I’d walk again. Given background in PT I trained myself back into health and made doing full license my priority for the summer.
Did my training on an AMAZING new KTM Duke 690 and fell in love with it! In the meantime (and good timing) getting some insurance money so obviously my first purchase will be a new bike!! Love naked bikes and so far identified 3 starter bikes: Duke (of course!), Kawasaki ER6 and Yamaha MT03 - not sure which is most appropriate, plus haven’t actually tried the two apart from the Duke, any suggestions would be welcome!

Welcome, I’d go for the duke every time :smiley:

hey and welcome =] duke id love one but cant insure one.

im glad the crash didn’t put you off.

Hi and welcome…


Hi & welcome!
The sea is full of fish :smiley:
Whatch a comparative group test on youtube, it might help you to make the list short!
To test ride them would be nice too :wink:


Welcome to LB

690 would be my choice though I might be a bit biased :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB Agata
Dont know much about those three bikes, although I learned on an ER6N and quite enjoyed it.

I’d try Slug’s suggestion, test ride them, it’ll be fun anyway :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB. :slight_smile:

Hi welcome

Hi nivaq, I am guessing that’s a KTM in your photo?? What’s your story?

Welcome Agata

Don’t be backward in coming forward (see what I did there) grab your coat nivag :wink:

Haha, noooo idea what you’re talking about :wink:

Welcome. :sunglasses:

Welcome Agata, If you want to try a ER6-f you’re welcome to try mine - however my choice would be the KTM. That is ASSUMING you have secure storage for it (as they are high on the scrotes list of bikes to nick.

I did my das on the er6, very nice, Lotd
Of Power And Quite Comfy,

Welcome to LB. Surgeons did some nice work there!

Welcome Agata!

I’ve had an MT-03 for two years in London. How tall are you? The main reason I went for MT-03 - it was taller than ER6 or XJ6 and worked well for me, but the extra wide handle bars make you work harder in traffic to avoid van mirrors. Also it suffered nearly no power loss with a restrictor kit - it just doesn’t have much more power unrestricted :frowning:

All in all - I loved it, it felt big (bigger than ER or XJ) and the 1 cylinder has its character. It was great going over curbstones or any road and shortcut that wasn’t on a map :slight_smile:

If you are

  • not taller than 6ft or

  • prefer a smoother 2-cylinder engine with more power or

  • willing to take it on a longer journey (expecting headwind?)

than stay away from the MT-03.

Hope it helps…

Hey, yup it’s a KTM 690 Enduro R with a Rally Raid kit.
A tad excessive for around town but great fun over the speed bumps :w00t: though it’s much better off road.

Welcome. well done for getting back on and pasing your DAS


Of course!

but get yourself an Almax and an alarmed disc lock to go with it.:slight_smile:

IgoRRR - damn it, I think you’ve answered my question! I am 5 ft 3 and was already slightly traumatised with clipping van mirrors, the duke was only getting warmed up at 60 miles and I hear MT is struggling in higher range, and top it off, indeed I’d love to take the bike out and about for longer journeys! Saying that, just now on the bus I was passing a bus garage and spotted the MT, jumped out and started asking random people if they knew whose the bike was so I can sit on it haha, no luck tho!

KTM D - this is tough, I was thinking of getting the older duke but the prices are high and the whole ‘nick’ factor! I am a shortie and admit tip toeing on the duke kept me on the edge for a long while. I am torn tho, this is THE coolest bike hmmm

nivaq - I wanted to try dirt biking, any suggestions how to go about it??

Simonin - thank you! May have the opportunity to try one at my bike school but defo would love to meet up for gossip! Haven’t noticed that many girls on here!