Newbie from Wandsworth

Hi I’m Dean 29 from Wandsworth just thought id say hello
I ride a GSXR 750 looking to start coming along to some bike meets and hoping to do my first track day later this year!

Hi Dean, welcome to LB :slight_smile:

welcome dude

hey dean, and welcome, i’m a newbie too,…on the face of it, so far there has been nothing but positive vibes from here and the folks all seem to be genuine top notch bods, but there are some people who have a thing for eating toast on the crapper (have a look round the site, you’ll get it eventually)

anyway, welcome, and if you want to go on some rides, definitely gimme a shout.

stay safe.


I am up in battersea mate, so hello :slight_smile:

You going to use the gixxer on the track then?

seems a good bunch on here. There is a meet on a Wednesday evening. I have not made it to one yet but the photos look good and folk here have some good banter.


Cheers everyone…

@Stewartwalker what bike you riding mate???,yeah I’m deco up for some ride outs you ever go up to The Ace Cafe or Box Hill??

@Neorion yeah hoping to take the Gixxer for a track day in the summer…Battersea so just down the road to me so you play XBOX add me DINOS THE GREEK

Welcome to LB

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Welcome. Will let ou know if i’m going to the ace this friday eve. Can drive there :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome:D