Newbie from the Pacific Northwest

I’ve been a lurker for a month of so, thought it time to say hello. I live about 50 miles east of Seattle in the Cascade foothills. My current rides are an “08” KLR 650 , an “08” Ninja 250 and my beloved “03” Speed Triple :wink: Lots of fantastic twistys in our area. from farm lands and low foothills, to 4500 ft mountain passes. Come check it out and I’ll buy the first round !



welcome to lb theirs over 10,000 members here that will ber an expensive first round

howdy from across the water!:slight_smile:

Hello! :slight_smile:

How diggety doo!:smiley:

welcome to LB


howdy and thats a big ten 4

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome chap…

Not sure the tuono will run in the sea? If i make it mines a peroni… :wink: