Newbie from Sutton - What are the meets like?


I’m new to riding (about 6 months) and i am looking at coming to some of these meets and finding out ‘what’s what’.

I read a few posts, mainly seem to be ‘welcome’ or about snakes and ladders… so not really getting the grasp of what happens at these meets. Mates all into cars and have no interest in bikes so want to come along and meet a few people!

what happens at these meets? tea and scones or fruitcakes revving down the streets scaring the locals?


Hi! Check out the rideouts section. You will probably find the answer to your question is “all the above”.

yeah just checked out some of it - it’s cool random people just meet up and go for a ride or theme parks - whatever! i will try and come on the 7th to the ‘newbie day’ and see what it is like!

what time do people normally get there from?

No need to wait for the 7th. BMM is every Wednesday -

nice on - see you there!

I won’t be there, but plenty of others from here will be.

Hello and welcome to LB:D Best advice is to come along to a meet or rideout and see what you think!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Hi :slight_smile: welcome… i shall be at BM but no cookies this week :frowning:

At meets we mainly strut about and kick tyres. Some nights are better than others (like nights out).

Rideouts are like when you used to ride bikes with your friends when you were 12. There is usually more to talk about on rideouts because everyone analyses their moments, overtakes, etc and everyone is wired on adrenalin.

hi and welcome to the mad house :smiley:

Welcome to LB:)

As always an excellent analysis from Joby:D

Is it just me that does the accent when I read Joby’s posts? :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to LB occasion14

nice one for the intro guys… unfortunately i couldn’tmake this week as i had to enroll in a mech course and the Mrs has something planned for next week too… oh the fookin joys!

should be able to make the next week though. hopefully it should be a good crack!