Newbie from Spain

Hi all,

I am the owner of a S3 1050 year 2005. Formerly I had a Speedmaster 865 2008.

I have found this site by chance. Looks great!


Trumpets rule but bend easy

Thanks Art.

True. I prefer flutes

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks all. Last year I visited Chester, it was in winter so the weather was not so friendly for bikers. Even tho’ I saw lots of bikers driving around. It is a difficult to explain feeling: I am an “all weather” rider, but live in a sunny place and most of my friends think I am a crazy guy driving my bike daily, no matter how cold or rainy the day is. “My bike is british” - I use to say - “it is fond of rain and cold”. And they stare at me as if they where in front of a psychiatric patient.

The world is full of fools that never mind the weather! I am not alone…


Bienvenido al foro!! Algún español que otro hay por aquí!

Hola George. ¿Vives en Londres? Thanks for the welcome

Hi & welcome!