Newbie from slough!

Hi People

Im Carl, not quite from London, im in sunny Slough! I’ve got a b1h zx636 which has been my main bike for the last two years, looking for a 750 withing the next few months.

Annnyyway, i had a wicked ride out today with a few guys off here that i met at FWR, then met today at the Ace for a ride out. Im crap with names, so cant remember them, excpet for Mike on a K7 1000!

The other bikes were:

Black zx7-r, K5 gsxr600/750, white ducati 848 and Mike in the K7.

Anybody know them?

Look foward to a few more meets!


HI CARL AND WELCOME :slight_smile:

Welcome to lB

welcome to lb.

the fella on the black zx7 would be matt

Hi and welcome aboard.

welcome and hello!

hi and welcome:D


hi and welcome:D

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

hi. i think i’ve seen you couple of times around slough, as i live in wexham. give us a shout if yr going to ace on fridays…

cool, what bike you got?

Yep it was Matt on the zx7, he was leading for most of it, fast rider! :w00t:

Ayup fella, me and Joolsy are in Slough - I’ve got a blue ZX9 and she’s got a silver and black ZX6.
Prolly seen you about…

gurninman - Cool! Your on mcnninjas arent you? I think you replied to a similar thread of mine on there.

I quite often see a blue zx9 about, not sure if its you!
My step dad has a green n purple c1 zx9r.

See you about!

Ah yes… I remember now.

There is at least one other blue '9 in Slough, ridden by a bird .Got talking to her one day outside tescos…

Mebbe have a run to the Ace sometime ?

hello and welcome

Sounds like you’ve had the pleasure of bumping into Clinton, Matt and Mike. All good guys :slight_smile:

I would imagine that would have been a rather ‘spirited’ ride :smiley:

Hi and welcome… i’ve got a blue B1… love it :smiley: Q

blue fz1 fazer with a front-tyre-saving utility :wink:

Hello and welcome to LB.